Author: Sylvain Colonel

Genre: Strategy – worker placement

Tags: Betrayals – Resources – Expansion

60 - 120 min


3 - 5 players

The era of the 5th Sun is coming to an end and the god Tezcatlipoca has unleashed all his power, plunging the Aztec Empire into anarchy. The survivors have regrouped into tribes that are trying to regain control of the territory, amidst Tezcatlipoca’s fits of rage. You are one of the survivors and you would like to rebuild a healthy society, where people work together hand in hand to build a new world. But you know that the other survivor factions won’t: they will take advantage of your trust to exploit and betray you. If that’s the way it is, there’s only one solution: take control of all the factions so that none of them can step on your toes.

In an apocalyptic setting, 2 to 5 players compete to gain the most influence. At the center of this apocalypse, the god Tezcatlipoca (OLEM), continues to sow desolation. 


By placing totems, factions build roads and increase their area of influence and benefit from the resources they contain: temples to sacrifice prisoners, forests to provide the wood needed to build totems, and cities filled with gold on which to establish dominance.

Each faction can sacrifice prisoners to obtain the favours of the God who will listen to their prayers, either by following a given direction, or by holding back or unleashing his anger. 

The player with the most points at the end of the game will see his faction take control of the New Aztec Empire.