Play together

And live new adventures mixing technology and board games !


OLEM guides you during your games and reacts according to the situation.

Plateau de jeu de gardien et voleurs sur lequel on voit OLEM et le matériel du jeu (pions, murs, cartes)


Explore dungeons … but don’t get

caught !

And that’s only one example

Family games…

… coop games …

And fun above all !

Do you want to create board games ? Join us on Discord to be notified when beta-testing starts


6 hours of battery life

You will stop playing before he does, and he will be ready to play before you


It fits in your hand as well as in your backpack

Bluetooth Low Energy

It can be connected to your smartphone to play, or download new games

Une main qui tient OLEM

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We’re not the most handsome nor the most clever ones but we’re nice and we know how to make robots so that will do

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