For all pre-orders before April 17th, benefit from -40€ on your cart and the "1er OLEMer" badge with code OLEMER1

For all pre-orders before April 17th, benefit from -40€ on your cart and the "1er OLEMer" badge with code OLEMER1

For all pre-orders before April 17th, benefit from -40€ on your cart and the "1er OLEMer" badge with code OLEMER1

OLEM robot jeux de société

Discover interactive board games with OLEM

Share unique moments with family and friends and discover a new way to play, blending technology with traditional board games.

Enjoy a collection of a wide variety of games

Access more than 15 complete games featuring expansive universes and advanced gameplays. Immerse yourself in an ever-expanding collection with regular new releases for endless discoveries.

How to play with OLEM?

jouer avec le robot de jeux de société

Start the game

Select and launch a game from your OLEM collection. For your first game, enjoy an interactive tutorial to learn how to play.
Mettez en pladce le plateau et le matériel et placez le robot de jeux de société

Set up

Follow OLEM's instructions and set up the board and all the pieces then place OLEM.
Jouer avec le smartphone et OLEM le robot jeux de société


Here we go! The game is on. As a teammate or challenger, engage with OLEM and dive into the action.

OLEM and its technology at the core of every game.

Immerse yourself in real-time, seamless, and unique gaming experiences with OLEM. Benefit from its autonomous movements on the board, decision-making abilities, and sensors that detect hands and game components.

The Mobile App

"Access your game library and launch games from the mobile app. Play with or without a phone depending on the game and your preferences. Also, enjoy the LudoStore for new discoveries!"

Other Features

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Customer Reviews

Truly a great concept, it makes a change and the escape game racks your brain!
Tried OLEM at FLIP21
I’d rather buy OLEM for my children than a video game console.
At the game library of Issy
The fun factor of OLEM ignites the desire to play and replay.
Host of the podcast "Le Dé Faussé"

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get OLEM?

Very soon! We estimate a delivery date for the second half of 2024! You’ll get to discover all its features, the special packs we’ve prepared for you, all with exclusive offers and a few surprises. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the official launch 😉

Do you deliver internationally?

Most countries worldwide will be eligible for delivery.

What types of games are available on OLEM?

When it comes to game types, there’s something for everyone! We know that board game enthusiasts have diverse tastes, and we didn’t want anyone to feel left out. That’s why we’re creating unique board games to offer a new way of playing; games with various styles, reflection, action, strategy, and variable durations, from 2 minutes to 2+ hours. With OLEM, there’s always a game that suits your mood.

You can check out the list of our first games here.

Once I have OLEM, will the new games be free or paid?

It depends. New games will be released regularly. On LudoTech’s side, we plan to offer both free and paid games. For games developed by independent authors, the decision is up to them, and they have the option to make it free or paid.

Is it possible to develop my own games?

Yes. For the most creative minds, we are currently developing a game design platform accessible to everyone. Don’t worry: whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, you can unleash your imagination and bring your ideas to life. Two options will be available: for beginners in programming, a block-based development language, making game design easier. For experienced programmers, a C/C++ library with more complex functions.

What is the autonomy of OLEM?

The robot has a battery life of 8 hours. There’s a good chance you’ll get tired before it does!

Is the mobile app essential for playing?

No. We understand that players sometimes want to disconnect from the virtual world and screens, which is why several games can be played without the smartphone. However, the app has many features: it houses your digital game library, provides tutorials for quick gameplay, and allows you to explore the store for new downloads.

It can be an integral part of certain games to indicate placements and remember actions, among other things.

The app is also essential for keeping OLEM and your game library up to date.

You’ll find other useful and fun features, such as a ‘trophies’ tab and a system for connecting with nearby players, for example, which are currently in development.

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