Genre: Party game – Strategy

Tags: Confrontation – Real time – Reactiveness

2 min


2 players

The 4th century AD would have been a peaceful time in Gaul, where the Romans had established order… if barbarians from the distant steppes had not raided the Catalauni region. As a good ruler, you make sure that these barbarians do not reach your city. You don’t want to exterminate them: your goal is to direct the troops to the neighbouring city so that they can take care of them. To do this, you build intimidating fortifications and direct your enemies towards your neighbour.

Catalauni is a real-time strategy game where each player is the ruler of a Roman city that he defends against the barbarian troop, embodied by OLEM. The barbarian horde is constantly moving. Players will have 4 seconds turns to implement their strategy to divert the troop towards the opposing city. Beware, each barbarian horde is unique: a fine strategist will be able to decipher its behavior quickly and adapt his battle plan accordingly. This game is suitable for the whole family for a dynamic confrontation, away from smartphones.