Genre: Cooperation – Strategy

Tags: Dungeon crawler – Treasure – Adventure

45 - 90 min


2 - 5 players

Guardian & Thieves is a cooperative dungeon crawler where players can choose characters among a team of thieves to try to steal treasures from a dungeon. However, it won’t be easy as OLEM will be a Golem protecting the dungeon from intruders.

You and your team will enter dungeons in the dark. Progress through the dungeon to discover its layout and build the map step by step on the board. Find where the treasure is and escape with it without being caught, by building strategies with your team. Many items will be discovered along the game, such as prisons and teleporters.

Each player chooses a character among a team of thieves and uses his or her unique abilities to get past the guardian. But beware! If the Golem hears or sees you, he will relentlessly pursue you to try to imprison you.

Depending on your actions, the guardian will adapt his behavior to check any suspicious activity.

Carefully watch the Golem and understand his behavior so that you can distract him and avoid his path.

Your team wins if you manage to bring back at least one treasure at the entrance of the dungeon, but you will lose if all the team members get caught by the Golem.

And many more surprises to come!

Do you already want to play this game ? Wait until you see what we have in store for you next!

Would you like to see the guardian’s behavior change to be more aggressive or more persistent? We’re working on new worlds where dungeon keepers behave differently!

Do you think it’s a shame to leave thieves behind when you win? The goal and trophy system in development will offer you additional tasks to get a better score!

Are you attached to your character? We’re planning a campaign mode where your actions will influence your future adventure!

Do you think you can do a better job than the guardian? How about adding a new game mode where one of you takes control of him?