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OLEM, board games ...

Ever wondered what gaming hardware that comes to life to play with you would look like? We did, and our answer is OLEM: a robot that assists you in new type of board games.

... and more!

Yes, OLEM allows you to play board games, but it also brings its advantages!

New tools for games

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to have a completely autonomous Non-Player Character!

In addition to the classic game elements, OLEM can detect obstacles, your hands, cards and the edges of the board.

Your smartphone comes with a whole bunch of useful features for a game, might as well take advantage of it! 😉


Illustrations and game pieces are great for immersion, but with sounds, music (yes, it’s different), movement, screen and LEDs, it’s even better.

New games in just a few clicks!

Our application allows you to download the latest game from LudoTech or its community without even moving from your chair. No more waiting for a new game!

Space saving (banana for scale)

The game components included with OLEM already allows us to play our first 15 games! Easy to carry !

Our games

Here are some games that we have already been able to test at festivals. This is just a taste of what we have in store for you!

Guardian & Thieves Cooperation • Exploration • Strategy Lets everyone cooperate together in this turn based dungeon explorer. Players choose unique characters to blindly navigate the board while OLEM plays as a guardian of treasure and tries to catch you before you can escape. Utilize your inventory of torches, stones and power ups in your OLEM app and see the wonderful integration of robot, app and board. 60 min 2 - 5 Escape BOt Puzzle • Mysterious • Escape Game In this escape game; players will try to awaken an ancient device (embodied by OLEM) that they found in a cavern while hiking. In each enigma, players will need to interact with OLEM to progress through the game and finally awaken him. 60 min 1 - 5 Apocalypse Strategy • Betrayal • Mercy In an apocalyptic setting, 2 to 5 players compete against each other to gain the most influence. At the center of this apocalypse, the god Tezcatlipoca (embodied by OLEM), continues to sow desolation. By placing totems, the factions gain control of the bordering territories and benefit from the resources they contain: temples to sacrifice prisoners, forests to provide the wood required for the construction of totems and cities filled with gold on which to establish domination. 90 min 2 - 5 Prison
Cooperation • Swiftness • Spatial Test how well your communication skills are. Each player has a part of the escape map and one has to quickly guide OLEM out and can only communicate with each other with words. Can you get OLEM out before the guards catch you?
10 min 3 - 5
2 min 2 - 4 15 min 2 - 5 And much more ! We also have Party games Mini-games Based on bluff, reflexes or memory, they are perfect to get in the right mood ! You want to resolve a conflict in a short but intense confrontation? We have the perfect tools! This is only the beginning We endlessly work on developing new games and improve the existing ones. We already have over 20 game concepts we are working on.

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Designed to evolve

We quickly realized that not all of the possibilities created by OLEM could be exploited before its launch. That’s why we designed it to evolve! How will it grow?


Board game creation tools for all!

Based on high-level programming languages, block programming and graphical editors.


Traditional game accessories

Our board game elements (figurines, cards etc) do not contain any specific technologies. It is therefore possible to create new accessories easily and without incurring significant costs.

It is even possible to make them yourself!


Cosmetic and technological add-ons for OLEM

OLEM’s add-on slots allow you to add features to avoid any obsolescence.

Need a new technology for a specific game? We can create a module!

Wanna talk about OLEM’s possibilities? So do we!

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What's under the hood​

• Infrared Sensors that recognize surroundings.

• Programmable Speakers and Multicolor LEDs

• Holonomic Wheels allow for complex movement


8 hours battery life


Compact – 13x13x5cm


Bluetooth Low Energy

LudoTech's Timeline


Since I’m 15 I have been willing to create a project. I started by developing smartphone video games before learning about robotics in engineering school. During one school project, I met Alexis, who was also a board game fan wanted to create a start-up. We fused our passions for robotics and board games, thus creating LudoTech!


I discovered strategy games quite early by playing Age of Empires with my father. I found in strategy games a passion that met my need to create and develop. Starting with nothing and once the game is done looking at what we achieved is what I like the most. I discovered board games later and fell in love with it. I did several student projects with Mathieu and that gave us the will to launch our own project. That’s how the concept of LudoTech was born, and the game just started!


I rediscovered board games when a friend succeeded to drag me in a shop for a Magic: The Gathering initiation. A few months later, Mathieu and Alexis talked to me about LudoTech project. As it gathered my newly found passion for board games and my passion for embedded systems, I did not hesitate to join this adventure!

Our Partners

The ADVANS Group mission is to imagine and design the electronic, software and mechanical systems of tomorrow, alongside major players in all sectors where they are used. Innovative, powerful, robust systems that bring real added value to their users. Click here to learn more about our partnership.

Descartes Incubator is a territorial non-profit association whose mission is to support innovative start-up projects, with a high technological added value.

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