Genre: Cooperation – Party game

Tags: Action – Escape – Communication

5 - 10 min


3 - 5 players

When you were young, you dreamed of becoming a representative of justice, a superhero, a policeman or a lawyer… But life decided otherwise, and instead you found yourself facing its representatives, and wrongly accused, in addition! You have been in prison for several years now, several years planning your escape from this injustice. You have found accomplices. Are they reliable? Probably not, they would betray you in a heartbeat if it got them out, but that’s the best you have. To all of you, you have all the keys in hand to make your escape, a tunnel to the exit, the prison plans, access information … It’s time to take action.

It’s time to go out: choose your role, take note of the information at your disposal and go. Communicate with the other informants using only speech to allow the leader to guide OLEM to the exit, but beware! The guards are on your heels, your time is limited!

Prison Escape is a cooperative time-trial game that will test your ability to find your way through space and communicate effectively. Do you find the game too easy? Then try the levels that include doors to unlock or, for the brave, the levels on the hexagonal board! And that’s just the beginning of the puzzles we have in store for you…